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Hurray Election Survey 2020

St. Maarten 2020 election getting nearer and early survey shows UP winning the January 9, 2020 election because it is proven UP won all the elections since 10/10/10, even when UP and DP formed the UD party, they got seven seats.

Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina

Well if so, it will be better if the voters vote and give the UP party a full majority to govern.

Luis Emilio Velutini

  Now read my lips, it depends on how the voters turn out to vote. There’s a ninety per cent chance of a coalition government, which is not so good in favour of the population. It is about time St. Maarteners vote in a style and fashion as the citizens of  Commonwealth of Dominica and Barbados – one-party rule election time, who sure go for sure

  10/10/10 was very much too soon to leave Curaçao – we should have put things in place before pulling out from Curaçao and l quote: St Maarten parliamentarians and ministers should help CKC clients get back their money

  It is time all community council board members get a salary from government. The investors, visitors, the Caribbean people and the rest of the world know the value of these council members

  As of today’s, date, there’s a coalition government on its way coming: UP-5, NA-4, UD-3, US-1, SMCP-1, and PPA-1, Total of 15 seats by January 9, 2020. Voters have the power to make a difference on Election Day


Cuthbert Bannis